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Speech & Language Therapy

Speech therapy is a treatment that can help improve communication skills. It’s sometimes called speech-language therapy. Therapy can target problems with:


articulation (producing speech sounds)

Receptive language (understanding language)

Expressive language (using language)

Social communication (using language in socially appropriate ways)


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Evaluations consist of a series of quantitative and qualitative assessments that evaluate your child's phonological and phonemic awareness, decoding ability, sight word recognition, letter-sound correspondence, oral language skills, and articulation.

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Individualized Goals

Based on your child’s evaluation, individualized goals are created to determine what therapy will focus on. This ensures that your child’s specific needs are being met in order to become successful readers and writers. 

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Progress Monitoring

After goals are established, we will begin monthly monitoring of their progress. I utilize curriculum-based measures to monitor progress and track their data.

Insurances Accepted

BCBS, TCHP, UnitedHealthcare

Even if your insurance is not accepted, you can submit your invoice to your insurance for possible reimbursement through out-of-network benefits.

It is each client's responsibility to confirm eligibility for speech services with their insurance provider prior to starting therapy. As with all services that are billed to insurance, the client is responsible for any charges that the insurance does not cover. I provide complimentary benefits confirmation, but your insurance company is the final word on coverage.



Phone consultations are complimentary. All services are available for clients aged 3 through adults.



Language Evaluation ... $250

Speech Sound Evaluation ... $250 

Fluency Evaluation ... $250 

Speech Sound and Language Evaluation ... $350



Individual Therapy ... $112/35 minutes


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